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Tray 210

Designed by intenxiv


 The minimal form of Tray 210 is a 210mm-diameter tray that can store various small items including pens. The protruding and concave shape of the tray induces natural usability so that suitable objects can be placed on it.
Molded to a durable, fine-sanded surface, Tray 210 is available in two materials: ABS plastic and Silicone. 


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GRAY (7).jpg
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OU Collection

Designed by Hoyoung Joo

 Designed to symbolize the binding relationship between pen and ink, Collection OU includes 4 vases and trays ideal for stationery storage, specifically LAMY fountain pens and LAMY ink bottles of either 50 or 30ml volumes. Each item is available in multiple color options; formed as a single part, injection molded ABS plastic; and finished with a fine sanding process, achieving a smooth durable surface.

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